Getting to know your soulmate on the street has become virtually unrealistic. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to meet someone who truly understands you offline. An alternative way to solve the problem of mass loneliness is online dating sites. For many, they are a good opportunity to make a speed dating and meet a woman, whom will be with them throughout their lives.

Dating site is where love went in the 21st century. People have virtually no free time due to employment. It is difficult for them to set aside him for dating in real life, especially if it is difficult to understand whether it will lead to a serious relationship or not. In an era of congestion, the Internet comes to help. Here you can immediately learn about the mood of a person, to understand whether he is suitable for you mentally or not. In this case, you do not have to waste time on useless speed datings, which are only disappointments.

Acquaintance in a dating application is simple and easy: just touch the phone screen - and now we are “out of the house”. No more hope for a happy occasion. Now you can control your interactions with people yourself and use a large number of functions to meet someone significant to you. The opportunities that the online environment provides us are truly fantastic.

Even 30 years ago, people could not even dream of such a thing. Now, instead of waiting for the opportunity to meet someone, you can start a conversation in a few minutes with people from all over the world who, like you, are open to new acquaintances. Moreover, these people may be those whom it wouldn’t be easy to get to know in real life: pilots, interior designers, artists, or software engineers. And finally, dating in dating applications is safe. Before you go on a date, you can ask your questions, get to know someone better and decide if you want to continue communication further.

With our crazy pace of life, finding your soulmate in dating applications is one of the most convenient ways to get to know each other, especially in megacities. In big cities, people no longer fit together on the streets, and if they do, it usually causes negativity and stress.

Whether it’s the case in Tinder: there you can study bio in detail, see photos and decide whether you like or dislike the person. In addition, you will not lose anything by going once to a meeting. Firstly, you can just have a good evening, and secondly, if you do not really like the person you are talking to, you can just not meet him a second time. In the end, no one is safe from the fact that a person will be inappropriate or rude if you are introduced to him by friends. Another plus of online dating is that you choose a meeting place yourself. Of course, the first date is best done in a public place where there are a lot of people and where there is little chance that something could happen to you. Before the first meeting live, you can always find out more about your match, study his habits, see how much you can trust him, plus - see his social networks.

To be sure that you are looking for the same thing, you should pay attention to its bio: many young people write themselves that they want a serious relationship. You never know where, what, and how can lead to real deep feelings, so I think it's better not to think about it, but just to communicate with a person. If something works out for you, then it's great, but if not, then you just have to go further. I have many friends who met on apps and dating sites and got married. Now they have their own families and even children, so I think that dating online is actually a great option.

Online dating is a way to try something new. Understand whether it suits you or not.

Each site has its own characteristics. What makes unique?

  1. By their users interested in a serious relationship.
    Each is registered on similar platforms to achieve different goals. Someone wants to find a business partner (yes, it happens), a person for one meeting, a friend, love ... Catchmatch did everything possible so that the main task of our users was to make a speed dating and meet a woman with the prospect of creating a family. Only such relations we consider acceptable, therefore, we tried to bring together people who are close to this idea. Most users dream of meeting a women with whom they can spend their whole lives calmly.
  2. Convenient and understandable interface for all.
    Each user has their own computer skills. Someone knows how to create complex programs, while another only uses the Internet. We are well aware that completely different people come to us. Therefore, they made the design of the catch match as clear as possible. To learn how to use the site well, just go through a little training after registration.
  3. Our users really find each other on the network and make strong relationships after speed dating.
    Read the reviews of real users, and you will understand that the site works in practice, and not just in words. Many people here met their soulmate, something even created a family with her. Thanks to us, lonely people find out about whom before they could only dream in bold dreams.
  4. There are few deceivers.
    Catchmatch did our best to secure the acquaintances of our users. Therefore, at the time of registration, everyone must go through the stage of verification of identity. It is on it that we remove scammers and other suspicious users. Thanks to this measure, our space has become safer.

Well, we have examined the advantages of the catch match, now let's discuss what our site is like.

Our platform is created by caring people. All employees understand the importance of their work, they are interested in work. Because they understand that it’s in their hands to change someone’s life for the better.

Our lonely hearts meeting women and men afterwards getting long-awaited happiness.

After everyone passes registration, dating begins. All users see other people's pages. Visitors were personally involved in the design. They decided what photos to post, what to write about themselves. You can choose any page you like and write to its owner. Of course, Catchmatch do not guarantee that all your attempts will be successful. After all, no one has canceled the human factor. Our task is to create a favorable atmosphere for romantic acquaintances. Where this leads depends on the efforts of everyone.

Due to the increasing popularity of online dating, the number of sites where you can do this is increasing. New platforms are constantly appearing. Because of this, it is difficult to choose something suitable for yourself. However, despite the competition, we were still able to find loyal users who preferred our catch match to others. Why were we chosen when there are so many alternatives?

  1. Due to feedback.
    We always try to maintain communication with users. You can contact technical support or the site administration with any problem. They will answer and help you if necessary.
  2. On small sites it’s easier to find your person, because you don’t have to communicate with many.
    On our platform, everyone knows each other. Catchmatch have a pleasant and homely atmosphere. Due to the fact that there are not many users registered on the catch match, it is much easier to find “your” person among all. There is less useless talk.
  3. Most of the users are real people who dream of mutual and bright love.
    As we have already said, we have practically no fake pages. There are not many users, so the process of checking the account at the time of registration usually happens manually.
  4. Good reviews.
    Our catch match really helped many to change their lives and become many times happier than before. Users love the story.
  1. The point is our reverent attitude towards the site and speed dating.
    For us, the platform is not just a way to make money. We really love the project and do our best to make it successful. We carry out our work responsibly, because we know that it will benefit others. It is impossible not to notice these efforts. They trust us for them.
  2. We tried to create a safe space.
    There are practically no people on the catch match who create fake pages because of boredom and the desire to dispel it. We are actively fighting fraudsters. So the probability of stumbling on dishonesty is minimal.
  3. We created a pleasant environment on the platform.
    It’s nice to visit us. Not even always in order to have a speed dating with someone. Sometimes this is a desire to find out how other users are doing, to ask about their lives. They return to us after a week of registration. We work for the long term.

Despite the fact that we still tried to secure our space, Catchmatch did not succeed in completely getting rid of scammers. As we harden the conditions, they become more thoughtful. Let's first understand who can sit behind a fake account?

  1. The teenager. Or their group when they have nothing to do.
    Often, students create fraudulent pages. Not because they want to get rich. They just want to have fun, and thereby take something free time. Despite the fact that they do not pose any real threat, it is still unpleasant to encounter them. Because we do not want to spend precious time on a person who does not even exist.
  2. The scammer. Or his company. Their goal is to make money by cheating. Here, users risk not only getting a broken heart, but also remaining with an empty wallet in their pocket. Fraud frauds are aimed at earning.

Now you know what conditional groups all scammers can be divided into. How do you know that you are communicating with one of them?

First, discuss the design of the account.

  1. Photos.
    There can be either too many or few. Why can scammers have many photos? So they are trying to create the effect of the page of a real person. They can take photos using Photoshop, or save something from the account of another. Why deceivers practically do not upload photos? Because they simply do not have them. Usually they process stolen pictures, since no one has canceled the copyright.
  2. Description of the profile.
    Usually, by the way a person told about himself, one can understand whether it is a text or not. Sometimes scammers do not even try to write something about themselves, while some show their literary talents and beautifully draw up a profile. You will not always notice something was amiss.

Not always a fraudster can be calculated by the design of the account. In most cases, it gives out speech.

Sign 1.
The fact is that usually not one fraudster sits behind the page, but several at once. Together, they decide how best to trick users. Pay attention to how your interlocutor communicates. With a careful analysis, you will definitely feel that the manner of conversation is mixed. Since all this time you could communicate with different people.

Sign 2.
Any talk about money. These may be questions about the level of your income, the availability of connections, etc. So scammers try to understand if it makes sense to try to make money on you or not.

What to do if you entered into a dialogue with a liar?

You don’t have to try to deal with it yourself. Do not block the fraudster, give him lectures on morality. Then he will cease to communicate with you, but others will be in danger. Moreover, not everyone can be so vigilant.

You have only one scenario of action. Immediately inform us about the suspicious person on the catch match. We will immediately check his page, and if it really causes suspicion, we will delete it from the catch match. The fraudster can no longer get to us. And nothing will spoil the atmosphere of romantic acquaintances that we have been trying to create around us for so long.

As you already understood by the example of scammers, the catch match only works thanks to its responsive and active users who are ready to make contact and help us improve the platform. Without you, we would not have the incentive to develop, improve our creation. We really hope that the site will bring you only positive emotions, speed dating and pleasant acquaintances.

Register and welcome! Maybe it's time to plunge into our enchanting surroundings on your own? The second half is already waiting for you here. Do not waste precious time thinking. Register with us, and you will understand everything on yourself.

There are frequent cases when people get to know the Internet, communicate and come to such an important stage in the development of dating as a meeting. And here they can fail. Usually, as they say later: "they did not fit together." Someone didn’t like someone in real life … Everything happens and no one is safe from this. But after an unsuccessful acquaintance, people may appear frustrated by dating on the Internet. The cases of ordinary rudeness on the part of the interlocutor, and sometimes, completely unreasonable, are not rare. After all, the Internet makes it easy to pour ears of dirt on the interlocutor, while remaining relatively unpunished. And some users of dating sites, forums and chats forget about the civilized manner of expressing their thoughts, turning to unjustified rudeness to the interlocutor. Easily vulnerable people after such a pouring of mud are disappointed not only in dating through the Internet, but also in general in communication on the Web, whether it be forums or chats.

How to avoid this and not stop believing in the closeness of your happiness?

Communication on the Internet First, do not initially dramatize the situation. Think about the fact that one or more unsuccessful acquaintances is not the end and these failures should be considered as a positive experience in communicating with people. After all, now you know what to look for during an acquaintance, what you don’t like, what annoys you. Look positively at the situation and try to get the most out of even an unsuccessful acquaintance.

Secondly, one should not think that if acquaintance via the Internet did not lead to the expected result, then attempts to get acquainted on dating sites should be left to those who have not yet “burned themselves”, and that you have had enough of such experience.

Thirdly, you should not expect a quick and absolute result from dating in general, then the setbacks will not be so bitter, and the joy of meeting with love will be brighter.

Michael Norton of Harvard Business School, Dan Ariely of the Sloan School of Management and Gene Frost of Boston University in the United States interviewed several hundred dating sites users. The results show that so many are disappointed in online dating.

One conclusion: users expect too much from online acquaintances. This leads to disappointment: if they meet someone with whom they have corresponded for a long time, and notice at least one detail that does not meet their expectations, subsequent communication will be imprinted with disappointment, the researchers believe.

To summarize, I want to say that you need to approach dating, as well as any communication via the Internet with the realization that you may have to face difficulties, there may be failures and someone will definitely want to show their superiority in the use of obscene expressions but all this should not stop you on the path to your happiness. You must remember that dating sites are a means to an end, not a panacea. You do not need to be afraid of unsuccessful acquaintances, but hoping for a quick result is also not worth it, you need to learn how to extract valuable experience from communicating with people. And love will come. Necessarily!