Having questions or finding a scammer? Write us!

The process of exploring any site comes with basic questions. For the main ones, we have formed sections, in them each client can find his answer. But there are questions that arise of a different nature and then the client requires a qualified response from a certain specialist. We also found a solution for this and we created a special, separate section in which any of the clients can set it by filling out a special form. We respond quickly to any question posed, if questions arise further, then you can write them again in the form and wait for an answer.

It is important for us to answer all your questions, because after clarifying all the questions that arise, we understand what level a person has knowledge about dating sites, where exactly he needs help and at what stage. Whether it is filling out a form or profile during registration or assistance in communicating and establishing the necessary contact with the interlocutor.

Questions can also arise in the process of meeting people. Dating services are often used by scammers. In order to prevent their occurrence, we have a well-functioning system and a special department that works with fraud and its elimination. But it is not always possible to understand at the entrance whether a person is a fraud or not. We ask you to be alert to new members of the bride agency. If you have disputes during communication and a person does not start behaving correctly, then you can safely write to us and not be afraid that a person will find out about this. Our security department checks such people to subtly violate the rights of either side. They will not understand that someone doubted them. And thanks to you, we can catch the fraudster and expose, as well as understand his intentions and not give them a go.

Feel free to ask questions and hear answers. Do not hesitate, each of our team is an excellent specialist and the concepts of subjectivity and caution are important to us and are an integral part of our service and its work on the final result.