Why trust us?

Our site will soon celebrate 25 years since its foundation. Over the years, we were entrusted with the thousands of people who were single people who dreamed of meeting their people. At one time, we decided that since they trust us, it means we are obliged to help them.

Already in 1995, we could show many lonely people that finding the one they need is not as difficult as it seems. We collaborated mainly with many social networks of different countries, attracted the attention of those who needed everyday communication and we succeeded.

Today, trusting us and our secrets, our customers leave happy, and we are doubly happy for them and for our dating service and specialists. Who work and work on the site, with each couple and help find a near and dear brides among the participants of the site or even among the close circle. As a result, they also come to our bride agency and continue communication and acquaintance within the framework of our project. Which is also important and is included in the framework of trust in our dating service.

All who register on the site undergo a preliminary survey, on which it becomes clear to both parties that mutual trust is established only if both sides answer all questions of interest truthfully and openly.

Our site has and has established a privacy policy for the storage and non-disclosure of data and information from our customers. Everything that they say to our specialists in any of the areas remains and remains only with this specialist and can only be accessed by the security service to prevent fraud by incoming people to the site. Therefore, many customers come to us not only through advertising and from social networks, but also 50% on the recommendation of our former and current customers. Everyone certainly knows and understands where they came from, it is important for them that the site and system really work and the secrets remain outside the doors of those whom they trusted.